Nicole Schneider


Total Raised: $6,605

Goal: $22,500

Howdy all... I have the pleasure of running my second Boston Marathon for my little cousin Maddy, a Cerebral Palsy patient at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Maddy was born completely healthy, but as an infant she suddenly she became very sick with meningitis. Words can’t describe how devastating this was to our family, especially since nobody foresaw how Maddy, an otherwise healthy and happy baby, could have gotten so sick. Doctors prepared us for the worst as Maddy struggled through the meningitis. She eventually pulled through but suffered irreversible brain damage and thus was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Maddy’s residual health consequences have been and continue to be vast… Notably, she suffered from uncontrollable seizures that doctors found very difficult, if not seemingly impossible, to manage. The brain damage rendered her legally blind because her brain simply cannot interpret what her eyes can otherwise see. Nonetheless, through trial and error and endless efforts to help Maddy get to a healthier state, doctors finally found a way to control her seizures absent seizure medication. This is just one way she has progressed over time, and while she will never be the same as she once was before her diagnosis, her resilience never stops.

Maddy is an inspiration. She engages with people by humming, laughing, and grabbing onto them. She is sweet and easy-going (not to mention her laugh is absolutely infectious). She scoots around, hangs with everyone, and loves dogs (and they really love her). She enjoys hiking in her backpack and giggles all the time. Her unique personality touches everyone in her life, from her closest members of her family to the teachers at school. I am so proud to run in Maddy’s honor and importantly to help fund medical research of Cerebral Palsy – research that is essential to the success of Maddy and her peers alike.

As a runner for the Credit Unions Kids at Heart team, I have a minimum fundraising goal of $12,500 – 100% of which will directly fund specific research projects of Cerebral Palsy, Pediatric Brain Cancer, Moyamoya, Sturge-Weber Syndrome, and Epilepsy. Absolutely ZERO operating expenses are taken out in the process. No donation is too small or infrequent – each dollar directly contributes to a better future for Maddy and all the patients of Boston Children’s Hospital. Maddy and I thank you indefinitely for your support and hope you will help us far surpass our fundraising goal this marathon season!! Cheers!

To donate in honor of this runner, please call the CU Kids at Heart coordinator at 800.428.1144, Ext. 3320, or mail a check to: CU Kids at Heart, 35 Corporate Drive, Suite 300, Burlington, MA 01803. Please make checks payable to “CU Kids at Heart” and add the name(s) of the runner(s) in the check’s subject line.