Mike Murphy


Total Raised: $14,801

Goal: $22,500

I've been blessed with good health and I love to run. I'm therefore thrilled, motivated, honored and just a bit apprehensive to once more have the opportunity to run the Boston Marathon in 2019 to honor my patient partner Abby. Our efforts will ultimately help all the kids who depend upon the care provided by Boston Children's. I will be running as a member of the Credit Unions Kids at Heart team.

I'm humbled by this opportunity. Humbled because although I love to run, running a marathon is just plain hard. But the marathon, no matter how hard, is a simple gesture meant to help grant the wishes of ill children in serious need: the wish to be healed; the wish to feel better; or simply, the wish to have just a bit more time.

However, my running has no meaning without your help. Only with your heartfelt generosity, support and contributions can we make an impact. Abby is afflicted with Moyamoya; a life-threatening childhood disease that strikes 1 in 120,000 children. But due to the skill and dedication of Dr. Edward Smith and the service and compassion of many others at Boston Children's Hospital, Abby is doing well and once more has a bright future.

My running and your generous support helps make progress possible in the treatment of diseases like Moyamoya, Sturge-Weber Syndrome, and pediatric brain tumors. These intractable diseases demand extensive research and intensive patient care. I'm running to help alleviate these devastating childhood diseases and my fundraising goal is $12,500. Please help us in this effort by making a donation. Sincerely, Mike and Abby

To donate in honor of this runner, please call the CU Kids at Heart coordinator at 800.428.1144, Ext. 3320, or mail a check to: CU Kids at Heart, 35 Corporate Drive, Suite 300, Burlington, MA 01803. Please make checks payable to “CU Kids at Heart” and add the name(s) of the runner(s) in the check’s subject line.